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[PREORDER] The digital artist's Tezos NFTs handbook

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[PREORDER] The digital artist's Tezos NFTs handbook

0 ratings

Packed with insights, tips, and explanations, this mini-course covers everything: technology, people, social media, sales, marketing, and more to guide you through the complex world of NFTs.

This book is still a work in progress, but it will be ready by the end of 2022. There IS content in here, approx. 30% of the whole book, and increasing by the week. I decided to make it a pre-order so you, the interested readers, can also add your questions and topics you'd like me to cover.

By purchasing this book, you will have access to the product once it releases (along with all its future updates), but you'll also be able to participate in its creation if you want. Participation is not mandatory, and you'll still receive all the updates.

With every update, you'll be able to submit your feedback so the book can become the most comprehensive guide on the topic.

This book is for you if:

  • You are a digital artist interested in the world of NFTs
  • A traditional artist that wants to know what their options can be with NFTs
  • You don't know what NFTs are and what tech they operate on
  • You want to know how to sell NFTs
  • You want to understand the people in crypto and NFTs
  • You want to get started with NFTs
  • You are a collector that wants to deepen their knowledge of NFT art
  • You want to know how to use social media for NFTs and how to promote and market them
  • You want to be inspired and create valuable products, games and other NFT-related applications

This mini-course contains:

  • Introduction - Who's the book for and what to make of it
  • The blockchain - A generic introduction to blockchain technology, the foundation NFTs and marketplaces rely on
  • 2nd and 3rd generation blockchains - How blockchains evolved past Bitcoin with smart contracts and upgradeability
  • Non-Fungible Tokens - With a basic understanding of blockchain technology, it's time to learn about fungibility, tokenization, and p2p file storage solutions
  • Types of art NFTs - What's the current meta of the NFTs world
  • The wallet - Or where your coins, NFTs and other tokens are stored. No password recovery available
  • Tezos - Dubbed the art blockchain, this is the perfect playground for experimentation and networking
  • Tezos marketplaces - Introduction to the best places for artists on Tezos
  • Tezos wallets - What to use to interact with Tezos
  • Tezos people and websites - Where to get the news, who to follow and how to know what's happening on the blockchain
  • Getting started on Tezos - Some first steps in getting your NFTs out there
  • Sales and distribution - How to get your NFT work sold or delivered
  • Social media for NFTs - How to use social media for NFTs
  • Minting - Or how to actually create your first NFT
  • The people - An overview of the people populating the world of crypto, DeFi and NFTs
  • Security - It's very important to keep yourself safe in the cryptoworld. What does that mean? Let's explore what could go wrong and how to prevent the most common bad scenarios
  • Risk - The crypto space is the most volatile, unstable, and risky financial playground ever. Make sure you understand that before putting any money in it
  • Cryptocurrencies, FIAT, and taxes - Taxes, accounting, and regulations can't be an afterthought. Make sure you are in the clear as soon as possible to avoid costly surprises
  • Strategies - With the previous chapters under your belt, let's talk strategies
  • Scaling - Some tips on going from solo to team

This outline is a work in progress, and it will be updated as I keep on writing. Chapters marked with are currently complete or actively being refined.

For just €19.99, you'll get access to:

  • 50+ pages of content, increasing with every update
  • Multiple file formats to suit your reading style
  • A form you can use to submit your feedback directly to me as I write
  • All future updates and additions (even if I decide to tier the product into different packages later)

Start reading TODAY, and let's build the best NFTs handbook together!

What are you waiting for? This is the book you need to understand everything about NFTs. The book is packed with information on how to make the most out of the medium. You'll understand the technology behind NFTs and the people surrounding them. You'll learn about different types of NFTs projects. You'll read about marketing techniques, community building, social media promotion, and more.

I want this book to be a must-read for anyone who wants to get started with NFTs on Tezos. I'm doing my best to make it simple to understand but still overflowing with details and information. Buy now for just €9.99 and get access to the making-of, submit your feedback and get the final product directly into your inbox. Not convinced yet? The price of this book is likely to increase once I'm done writing it, so this is your chance to secure it at a discounted price.

30 days money back, guaranteed

If, after reading my guides and trying the template, you see no results or are not satisfied with the purchase, it means that I failed and that you deserve your money back. Send me a message with the email you used to purchase, and I will personally issue a full refund. I won't accept refund requests after 30 days from your purchase, so please be considerate

You are not alone

I have other articles on NFTs as part of my free Substack publication. I also have articles, tips, and guides on art commissions, email, social media, portfolio, and productivity for artists and creative people. It's free to read and sign-up for.

The comment section under my articles is always open. I encourage you to post your doubts, requests, feedback, and questions for other users to see there. If that isn't enough, you can send an email to It might take me a few days to get back to you, though.

Wait, there's more!

If you find my processes useful, I have created an affiliate program for this product. You can apply here: If you help me promote this, you get 30% from every sale coming from your affiliate link! A few suggestions:

  • Sending your affiliate link to friends and colleagues
  • Sending the affiliate link to your mutuals
  • Adding the affiliate link to a post that talks about my system and template

To your success with NFTs,

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