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Reddit Posting Helper - Flygohr's Art Commissions Utilities

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Reddit Posting Helper - Flygohr's Art Commissions Utilities

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Maximize the reach of your commissions service by knowing when and where to post on Reddit with this interactive tool

This is an interactive Airtable database (think spreadsheet but on steroids) meant for artists doing art commissions. This is for you if:

  • You don't know where and when to post to get clients
  • You want to maximize your reach by being everywhere you can be for the many clients as possible to see you
  • You don't want to spend time checking where you last posted and what
  • You want to save time by posting in the right places at the correct times
  • You want to know where to post your services on Reddit
  • You want to see at a glance where and when you can post in your daily posting routine

My free guide outlines the solution on how to use Reddit to get more art commissions clients. This is the tool I use in the guide and that I used over the years to get hundreds of art commission clients solely from Reddit (no UpWork, no Fiverr, no Instagram, no Twitter)

This low-cost template allows you to:

  • Keep a list of subreddits you can post into, organized with tags and filters
  • Keep track of how frequently you can post in a subreddit with automatic date filtering
  • Have quick access to valuable views for each subreddit with links to check your recent posts, the best posts in a community, and even the best times to post into each sub
  • Automatically suggest which subreddits you can post into, based on when you post, the subreddit's allowed posting frequency, and your last posts in the sub
  • Keep track of notes, flairs, and sub-specific rules with a rich text field built into the template

For just €3, you will get access to:

  • A database ready to be used, pre-filled with 59 subreddits I'm used to posting into
  • Each sub has its allowed posting frequency, additional rules, and even suggestions on what works best in it already logged in the template
  • Each sub has buttons to quickly access:
    • The sub posting page, so you can jump straight into copy-pasting your posts
    • The old.reddit page for each sub, where hidden rules might be present that will help you prevent a warning or a ban
    • A list of the most popular posts in that subreddit so that you can steal.. ehr, get inspired by the best
    • The best times to post in that particular subreddits, so you can either schedule your posts or make sure to be online at the correct times
    • Your latest posts in that subreddit, so you can make sure not to post too much of the same stuff and vary a little
  • The database also has art share subreddits, where you can post your art without advertising your services. This is useful to break up your looking-for-work posting so you can just showcase your most recent work. It helps make your profile look not spammy, gives potential clients proof of work, and curiously enough, helps you get clients just as much as the [For Hire] posts

Bonus #1:

This template comes with a form you can bookmark to add your custom subreddits to the database quickly, in case what it's in there already isn't enough

Bonus #2:

This template comes with a free posting routine checklist you can follow daily. It can be printed or used from your favorite note-taking application. It only takes five minutes to follow it, and it ensures you stay consistent with your posting strategies while also saving time by doing the posting in batches

Start posting TODAY and save time and effort with this easy-to-use database

Results are NOT immediate. This will probably take some days or even weeks. Every case is different, and the key here is consistency. This is something I struggled with A LOT, that's why I created this template for myself first and perfected it over five years of art commissions and hundreds of paying clients.

I wish I had started posting regularly on Reddit earlier, as it was the most time-effective way I ever found to get clients for my art. The earlier you start posting regularly:

  • The more exposure you get
  • The more leads (potential clients) you get
  • The more commissions and jobs you get
  • The better you get and the more experience you gain

Trust me, there's no reason to wait. There's no magic recipe for getting more paying clients overnight, it's all a matter of getting the gears turning and your work out there without spamming, begging for attention, or devaluing your work. The earlier you start, the earlier you will see consistent results.

30 days money back, guaranteed

If, after reading my guides and trying the template, you see no results or are not satisfied with the purchase, it means that I failed and that you deserve your money back. Send me a message with the email you used to purchase, and I will personally issue a full refund. I won't accept refund requests after 30 days from your purchase, so please be considerate.

You are not alone

As mentioned above, I have a free guide that will walk you through the usage of this template with three detailed articles. The guide is part of my free Substack publication. I also have articles, tips, and guides on art commissions, email, social media, portfolio, and productivity for artists and creative people. It's free to read and sign-up for.

The comment section under my articles is always open. I encourage you to post there your doubts, requests, feedback, and questions for other users to see. If that isn't enough, you can send an email to It might take me a few days to get back to you, though.

Wait, there's more!

I have created an affiliate program for this product if you find my processes useful. You can apply here: If you help me promote this, you get 30% from every sale coming from your affiliate link! A few suggestions:

  • Sending your affiliate link to friends and colleagues
  • Sending the affiliate link to your mutuals
  • Adding the affiliate link to a post that talks about my system and template

To your art commissions success,

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Full access to my repository of subreddits and to the whole set of buttons, links and automations that makes this template the perfect tool to post on Reddit for art commissions